Written by Antoine M

The fight for survival

Today was quite difficult... Yet, Adiren, fellow of the 28 crew and also weather forecaster, let us know during briefing that some cirrus would certainly spoil the tasks. Even if cumulus could show them up in the early afternoon. Unfortunately, his predicitons were quite good... As a consequence, tasks have been reduced: 150 km for the Amical class, 333 km for the Long Flights class, and nearly 242 km for the Speed Race class. I'm sure you're all aware of one thing. When uniting gliding and rough weather conditions, out-landing's not so far! Logically, a few competitors ended in the countryside, those who don't have the chance to be motorized. For instance, Anthony (ZZ) and Michael (FD) did so. In the meantime, team-mates were watching out their mobile-phones, hopping not to receive an incoming call... When the bad news just arrive, it's time to couple the trailer to the car. Then, let's take for a drive in the French countryside. Not too far, not too late: no resentment.
But there's not time for exaggeration, out-landings were not so numerous! Some squared with these hard conditions. For instance, Julien Henry (ZT) won the Long Flights class task with the average speed of 96.58 km/h. Concerning the Speed Race class, Stijn Vanden Boer (2S) won today's task. Stefan Knoop and Thomas van Heeswijk (MCT) are ranked first of the Amical daily task. Congratulations to all of them! In the meantime, Rene Kalsbeek (A2) still holds the speed record (118.5 km/h)!

See you