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Voilà, le concours se termine aujourd'hui avec une épreuve annulée pour cause de plafond vraiment trop bas. That's life !

Les photos du concours sont disponibles sur Google Drive : Bailleau 2015 Photos

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The fight for survival

Today was quite difficult... Yet, Adiren, fellow of the 28 crew and also weather forecaster, let us know during briefing that some cirrus would certainly spoil the tasks. Even if cumulus could show them up in the early afternoon. Unfortunately, his predicitons were quite good... As a consequence, tasks have been reduced: 150 km for the Amical class, 333 km for the Long Flights class, and nearly 242 km for the Speed Race class. I'm sure you're all aware of one thing. When uniting gliding and rough weather conditions, out-landing's not so far! Logically, a few competitors ended in the countryside, those who don't have the chance to be motorized. For instance, Anthony (ZZ) and Michael (FD) did so. In the meantime, team-mates were watching out their mobile-phones, hopping not to receive an incoming call... When the bad news just arrive, it's time to couple the trailer to the car. Then, let's take for a drive in the French countryside. Not too far, not too late: no resentment.
But there's not time for exaggeration, out-landings were not so numerous! Some squared with these hard conditions. For instance, Julien Henry (ZT) won the Long Flights class task with the average speed of 96.58 km/h. Concerning the Speed Race class, Stijn Vanden Boer (2S) won today's task. Stefan Knoop and Thomas van Heeswijk (MCT) are ranked first of the Amical daily task. Congratulations to all of them! In the meantime, Rene Kalsbeek (A2) still holds the speed record (118.5 km/h)!

See you

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It's time to be serious now!
Why? Because everybody seemed to be hungry for victory. All the pilots were going flat out to cklimb on the first step of the podium, with sportsmanship!That made this day a pleasant day! According to the most scatterbrained rumors, the energy-giving cereal bars and dry biscuits distributed during the briefing gave some pilots wings... No doping in Bailleau, because soaring is all about a healthy mind in a healthy body.
Let's talk about figures. The Belgian crew of the 29 (Jean-Louis Cornez and Olivier Sevrin) wins today's task in the Long Flights class. Concerning the Speed Race competition, Frank Hiemstra (74) reaches the highest step of the podium. In the Amical class, Michael de Wert (FD) is ranked first. Finally, Rene Kalsbeek (A2, Speed Race class) is in first position for the Le Maon trophy thanks to his amazing performance: he completed the task withy an average speed of 118.5 km/h! Such a great achievement!But is that enough to keep this position throughout all the competition? Who knows? But the other contestants are not so far behind! Congratulations to all them! In all cases, the contest is at an excellent starting point!
In the camping, people enjoy relaxing, chatting and splashing around in the paddling pool, especially Julien (ZT)! Good to stress on it, the new wheelchair ramp constructed by Benoît. Everyone is now able to join the showers. Thanks Benoît ;)!

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Dear competitors, dear team-mates, dear families, a new edition of the International Contest of Bailleau has come!

Once more, we are glad to welcome you here, amongst us! Years after years, the competition has become one of the most important and famous. And this fame now appears unstoppable, thanks to all of you. Last year, we celebrated the 40th edition. Forty years is a huge step that might be difficult to tackle, but not in Bailleau!

Nevertheless, let's focus on what is important: SOARING! I talked about the widely-held fame of our competition a few lines ago. It is not about chauvinism or disproportionate pride. It is all about realism: we are welcoming seventy pilots once more (give or take a few competitors)! This is the most convincing evidence of nour success.

Last year was undeniably a great performance. But this year will be far better!

We wish you good flights. Show must go on!

Bailleau 2015 team

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Les inscriptions sont ouvertes pour le concours 2015

Vous devez juste choisir quelle expérience vous préférez : Vitesse ou Grands Vols ?

c'est ici :

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photo 2Les années précédentes, une clé USB contenant les photos du concours était remise à tous les concurrents lors de la remise des prix.

Cette année l'innovation était encore une fois au rendez-vous pour cette 40eme édition du Concours de Bailleau : place au Mug USB !

Maintenant, si vous ne parvenez pas à trouver le port USB de votre tasse, ou si vous ne faisiez pas partie des concurrents du concours, les photos sont disponibles sur Google Drive :



Vous pouvez aussi télécharger le fichier ZIP contenant toutes les photos du concours. Attention, le fichier est très riches en arômes de Bailleau 2014, il existe en plusieurs contenances :

- Normal (800 Mo) : 

- HD (2 Go) :

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Le concours est maintenant terminé, la remise des prix a eu lieu le Samedi 9 Août, tous les résultats sont disponibles sur Soaring Spot et voici les 3 podiums :




1. Nick FREMAU BE/BZC Brasschaat

2. Stefan/Jeroen KNOOP/VAN DEN DUNGEN NL/EACzc Eindhoven

3. Wim WILMS NL/EACzc Eindhoven






1. Robbie SETON NL/WBAC Roosendaal

2. Gundula/Karl GOEKE/SCHOLZ DE/LSV Dinslaken





Grands Vols


1. Julien HENRY FR/CVVC Chartres

2. Erwan LE GOFF FR/CVVE Bailleau

3. Franck/Eric VERNEUIL/GARNIER FR/CVVE Bailleau

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